About Us


The Business Choice Awards was started by a locally owned Pittsburgh-based company called DoYouKnowAGood .Com. This company has been in Pittsburgh for over 14 years and has worked with hundreds of companies to help promote their business based on their reputation and work performed in the Pittsburgh area. DoYouKnowAGood .Com. is excited to launch this awards program to give local Pittsburgh based companies the opportunity to to share their information and success with the community and the region. Being nominated for this award gives these companies an opportunity to create a community of great business in the local area and helps to promote not only themselves but other business in over 80 categories as well.

DoYouKnowAGood .Com. is aware that is sometimes it is very difficult for small to medium size companies to easily connect with other businesses that may be a great partner in the surrounding communities due to its vast separation of municipalities, districts and tight knit communities based on close geographical territories This year DoYouKnowAGood .Com. had the opportunity to partner with the Pittsburgh Business Show and hold the awards ceremony at an event where all of the local businesses from the western tri-state area can come together in one central spot in Pittsburgh. The one of a kind Business Choice Awards combined with one of the largest Business for Business tradeshow, conference and networking events in the area the Pittsburgh is a perfect connection to help bring businesses, consumers and resources together under one roof at one time. There is a drastic need for companies to come together so we can grow and expand each others markets around the 10 counties in the western Pennsylvania area. Our goal is to work with the Pittsburgh Business Show to build our resources, partners and companies so that we may bring businesses together so that we can grow our local economy, create new partnerships and increase the success of businesses in all areas.